How Many Christians Are In China?


by Paul Hattaway

Note: This page leads to our comprehensive tables estimating how many Christians live in every city and county in China. Please read the text below and follow the link to the next page.

Since Marco Polo returned from China 700 years ago, the question of how many followers of Jesus Christ are in the world’s most populous nation has fascinated many mission researchers and believers around the world. In recent years there has been heated debate and widely varying estimates of the size of the Body of Christ in China.

Now, after more than a decade of research, we present the most comprehensive study ever conducted into the number of Christians in all 2,371 cities and counties, within all 33 provinces and regions of China. Estimates are provided for all believers — Protestants belonging to the registered Three-Self churches as well as house churches, and for registered and underground Catholic believers.

The statistics in this study are backed by more than 2,000 sources of information, all footnoted within our tables. We intend to update this study regularly as new information comes to light, and we welcome readers to update or comment on our data by contacting us (full confidentiality is assured).

Before you access our statistical data on Christians in each location in China, we strongly recommend you read our essay which explains the background and methodology employed in our study, as well as comments on previous surveys of Christians in China.

Without first gaining this understanding, the statistics that follow the essay may be largely meaningless. After reading the brief summary of our essay or the full essay, a link will take you to the statistical tables.